Welcome to The Geeves Effect Inc

The Geeves Effect Inc aim to enable high quality walking track access, similar to The Overland Track, to the edge of Lake Geeves, at the base of Australia’s highest cliffs! 670 metres from Lake Geeves to the summit of Federation Peak. To create a Wilderness Experience and Accomodation Precinct Southwest of Geeveston Tasmania, outside the World Heritage Area, in the vicinity of the Tahune Airwalk. A Destination attraction, leveraging off surrounding existing wilderness attractions, that will be the focal point and stimulus for significant accommodation and tourism development investment and regional job creation.

Walking Track Access Project

Location: Eastern Arthurs Ranges, Lake Geeves, Federation Peak
Proponents: The Geeves Effect Inc
Current Status: Demand Study
Project Size: $2,000,000 (estimate) to development ready


Lake Geeves is located 670m below the iconic destination Federation Peak in the wilderness of the Eastern Arthurs Ranges. The Lake offers unsurpassed views of the highest cliffs in Australia. It is a one of its kind experience with the potential to become Tasmania’s freshest walking track experience. The cliffs are five times the height of the Sydney Harbour bridge and almost twice the height of Uluru. The last recorded access to Lake Geeves was in the early 1900s when Richard Geeves cut a track to the Lake, now the trails are becoming overgrown with the last 2.5 km into Lake Geeves being not passable. The potential to upgrade the existing 17.5 km of track and construct a new 2.5km track reinstating the historic routes offers endless possibilities for walkers and adventure tourists. Such a track would be a three day walk that is easily accessible from the Hobart Airport. It is nearby to the Tahune Airwalk, Hartz Mountain tracks, Hastings Caves, the Great Southern Forest walks and is only a short drive to the Huon Valley, a destination local produce experience. The potential for the development of a tourist precinct in conjunction with the track provides a development opportunity for small businesses, including adventure tourism businesses and tourist accommodation.


Lake Geeves, through its unique character, will become a hero walk for international, national and local visitors. Such an iconic walk will allow investors to leverage from the trends currently experiencing strong growth: accommodation, outdoor experiences, eco experiences and food, cider and wine experiences. Lake Geeves is in an ideal location, with the track starting less than 2 hours from the Hobart airport. By providing a three day walk it is likely that this will drive demand in the Huon Valley and promote regional dispersion of tourists and increased overnight stays. This will drive moving the Huon Valley from a day trip to a multi night experience in its own right. A detailed demand study is currently being commissioned with financial support from the Federal Government. There has been strong support for the project from all of Local, State and Federal Government. Initial stakeholder consultations have also been undertaken and there is enormous support, including from local tourism operators and businesses.